TOZZ bike Announced the Upcoming “Pipegun Original” electric kick-bike at the London EV Show 2023

TOZZ bike, the leading lifestyle e-mobility product designer and manufacturer, participated in the London EV show and announced the upcoming product line including Pipegun Original.

London, UK, November 2023 – TOZZ bike, the flagbearer sub-culture-inspired electric mobility products designer and manufacturer company, participated in the London EV Show 2023. Co-founders Emre Kuvvetli and Burak Kazar met with the press, customers, and members of the UK’s EV ecosystem. Through their unique approach to the market, TOZZ bike underlined the importance of style in the e-mobility environment with the exceptional product range offered.

TOZZ bike attended London EV Show

“Urban dwellers seek uniqueness and vibrancy in their lives, considering being noticed as a fundamental aspect of their personalities. Unfortunately, within the micro-mobility ecosystem, style and personalization often take a back seat. At TOZZ Bike, we firmly oppose this approach.” Emre Kuvvetli, Co-Founder and Head of Design, says, “Function and styling is well-harmonized to ensure an unmatched experience.”

Pipegun original electric kick-bike, big wheel scooter.

TOZZ bike launched its first product, Pipegun #1 limited edition in 2021 and delivered all 20 units to the first supporters in Turkey, France, Spain, and the UK. For 2024, the brand plans to enlarge its product line with a variety of models as well as the highly customizable production version of limited edition Pipegun #1, “the Pipegun Original”. While the new electric kick-bike will not be delivered with a signed authenticity certificate and serial number plate, it’ll still have the same rebellious soul, a long-lasting stainless steel body, and 20” BMX tires with color varieties.

“We are here to offer a cool alternative, to the e-mobility market which is mainly focused on functionality and forgot style. Thanks to our first 20 supporters who joined our journey with the Pipegun #1, we increased our volume and are ready to share our vision with the rest of the world. Pipegun Original, together with the upcoming products, will offer a cool alternative for everyone and the London EV Show is a great place to start spreading the Word.” Says Burak Kazar, Co-Founder and Managing Director.

Highly customizable Pipegun Original will be sold via the TOZZ bike website while the standard and in-stock versions can be reached from the local dealers. The dealer network, standard unit sales price, and other details to be shared on the website.