TOZZ bike marks Tomtom Design Week with Pipegun#1 Experience Event

Three Pipegun#1s displayed during designweek

Tomtom Design Week is held in Tomtom Designhood located at Tophane-Istanbul, which is the neighborhood for hearth of arts and crafts in Turkey. This year the event brought joy to design community after two years of pandemic brake.

TOZZ bike displayed Pipegun #1 McFly and Pipegun#1 in the industrial atmosphere of Tomtom Kirmizi (Red Building). Apart from two test units, Pipegun McFly with Serial Number 14/20 displayed as a finished product, together with the limited edition authentication certificate. Visitors got the chance of test-riding both versions and learned more about the future projection of TOZZ bike during the 4 days event. Test ride took much attention and gathered people around. 

“We have been proud to be part of Tomtom Design Week and the Istanbul design community. Pipegun #1 electric kick-bike was there as a cutting edge example of industrial design process. From concept design to production, we prioritized to stick with the urban culture, minimalism and sustainability.” said Designer Co-Founder of TOZZ bike, Emre Kuvvetli.

To realize kick-bike is electric powered, a second look required thanks to it’s retro looking minimal design. Eye-catching red tires, hand-welded high handlebar and stainless steel body refer to 80’s BMX culture. Grip on the standing platform -the board- and the aluminum box that covers electronics evokes the skateboards/longboards. It’s a perfect combination of urban sports. Pipegun#1 is the first product of the company and only limited edition 20 units are available.

“As TOZZ bike, we put the design in the center and weave all the operations around it. I could be easily said that TOZZ is a design company before an e-mobility manufacturer. After the first collection of limited edition Pipegun #1, new collections with different quantities will follow with different design and characteristics. We’ll continue to design and industrialize the idea.” added Co-Founder Burak Kazar. 

Pipegun #1 McFly edition has a 500W hub motor in the rear wheel and can reach upto 35km/h speed. With the battery pack located under the board, range may reach up to 60km and 14.5Ah battery pack could be charged in 6-8 hours. 20″ Salt Tracer BMX tires and spoked wheels create a really nice suspension. 

Pipegun #1 McFly can be ordered via TOZZ bike website for 2950 USD while european street-legal version is available for 2600 USD. New Pipegun #1 collection with different colors, materials and spec will be launched in 2022 Q4.

To find out more, follow @tozzbike on Instagram.

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