Joyce'90 ıs here to celebrate our strategic partnership with joyce teknoloji

London, UK  28.12.2023 – TOZZ Bike and Joyce Technology have announced their strategic partnership on electric vehicle design, development, and production on 01st September 2023. With this collaboration, the strengths of both companies are brought together to create new products and product lines to be distributed internationally. Joyce’90 electric motorcycle has got the privilege of being the first joint product of this cooperation.

“Joyce Technology’s production and engineering capabilities are field-proven and well-known in the local and global EV industry. Following the success of our first EV car “Joyce One”, we planned to expand our vehicle lines further. London-based style-tech company TOZZ bike carries a similar vision and values with Joyce Technology. Bundling our production and technological experience with their design and development capabilities will allow us to create timeless and unique electric vehicles today and in the future.” With this new backdrop, the first project “Joyce’90 electric motobike” is kicked off under the new partnership. This vehicle can be briefly described as a shrunken version of an electric motorcycle using high-quality e-bike equipment. This user-friendly approach distinguishes the new electric two-wheeler in the market and creates a new niche in the crowded electric motobike market.

Joyce’90 represents the trending design elements of the ’90s. It has a powerful-looking body that stands in between the dirt bikes and grand tourers. The visual beauty of the bike is emphasized with vibrant colors and highlighted further with high-contrast decals. With the help of the 20” fat tires, it looks beefy while staying agile. In addition to the visual hallmarks, two distinguishing features make the Joyce’90 a party machine. The bike has a built-in high-power Bluetooth speaker, hidden in the body of the e-motorcycle waiting to carry the joy anywhere the rider goes. Carrying a boombox on the shoulder is no longer necessary, except if you’d like to do so. And when the sun goes down, a new level of excitement “pops up”. Signature pop-up headlight, a desired object for 90’s kids, ensures that you’ll always be under the spotlights! It’s behind the spotlight but you got the point. The ambient RGB LED lighting under the shell will be the final touch for your beach party.


“Joyce’90 is carrying the characteristics of the late-80s and early-90s motorcycles and street culture. Its bold and angular lines on the body, vibrant color options and strong stance, which were the significant design elements of the era, actually make the electric motorbike a time machine that touches the past and improves the future. Pop-up LED headlights and built-in Bluetooth speaker are the most significant examples showing the interpretation of the trends of the 90’s with today’s technology” says the Co-Founder and Head of Design Emre Kuvvetli and adds, “This electric motorbike is a perfect fit to fill the niche in the electric two-wheeler market, which also being created by itself.”


Joyce’90 is riding on 20” fat e-bike tires with both track or off-road options and powered by a 750W hub motor located at the rear wheel with a max speed of 45km/h which is limited to 25km/h and 250W in Europe due to the regulatory requirements. Using high-quality e-bike components is the superpower of Joyce ’90. This way, the bike ensures the owner a long lifespan with easier maintenance and endless customization options with off-the-shelf product availability. “This new project thrills me since it’s the first project of our partnership with one of the successful EV manufacturers in Türkiye, Joyce Technology. We have already started planning the upcoming 2-wheeler and even 4-wheeler electric vehicles thanks to the collaborative experience of two teams,” says Burak Kazar, co-founder of TOZZ bike and adds; “Using high-quality e-bike parts will allow the end users to reach spare parts and maintain the bike easier after the warranty period. When the high performance of the bike is considered, this approach enables us to create a win-win solution for our customers. One underestimated but very important topic is; that producing special parts and tools for these parts for each project creates a huge waste of energy. We saved a significant amount of energy with this approach.”


The standard range of Joyce’90 starts at 45km and can be increased up to 90km with different battery pack options. All battery options are removable and it’ll be possible to charge your battery pack in just 3 hours with a fast charger. (Dependent to the health of the battery pack and environmental factors.)


Joyce’90 will be available for pre-order order on January 2024 and can be ordered directly from Joyce Technology and TOZZ bike distributors worldwide as well as websites. Pricing information and availability are to be clarified.