TOZZ Unleashed It’s First Electric Kickbike “Pipegun #1” in Design Week Turkey ‘21

Istanbul, Turkey 17.12.2021 TOZZ, Istanbul based start-up that produce offbeat e-mobility products and services, unveiled their first product “Pipegun #1” Electric Kickbike in Design Week Turkey.

Design Week Turkey ‘21, held at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul on 17-18 December 2021, with panels and conferences, exhibitions, workshops and award ceremonies in a number of fields as industrial design, fashion, visual communication design and architecture. This precious design gathering hosted the debut of “Pipegun #1” electric kickbike produced by TOZZ the start-up that was founded in 2021 by Emre Kuvvetli and Burak Kazar, aiming to create offbeat mobility products and services for the people who feel extraordinary.

“E-mobility products in the market are designed and developed to move people from point A to point B with less consumption of energy and time. These are great specifications for commuting and go with the flow – or usually rush – of the city.

However most of them are designed to fulfill the requirements and still need some seasoning to be more fun and even offbeat. We removed that secret seasoning from our design cellar and created Pipegun #1” said Burak Kazar.

Pipegun #1 or PG1 has a totally unique design by its raw looking stainless steel body, signature “wishbone” design, red Salt Tracer BMX tires and 4 Square LED front light. Marty Mcfly should’ve been using one of these instead of the pink hoverboard!

There are two powerpack options available for pre-order.


PG1 Options


250W / 45Nm

500W / 60Nm

Top Speed







17.5 kg

19.5 kg

Max. Load

120 kg

120 kg

Designer Emre Kuvvetli says “Pipegun #1 design refers to urban sports like BMX and Skateboarding as a way of moving in the city by outshining the overall “gray” mood. Minimal design, material and parts choice make this a unique product. No matter if you are riding aggressively in the city or cruising and enjoying the warm breeze at the beach in the afternoon, eyes will follow you while having lots of fun in style.” 

The original Pipegun #1 is now available for pre-orders on and production will be limited with 20 units. Deliveries to be started in January.

About TOZZ

TOZZ is an Istanbul based start-up that designs and produces offbeat e-mobility products, was founded in 2021.

The vision of TOZZ is to offer “the cool alternative” to the ones who believe “dirt is glitter!”