To create sustainable, offbeat e-mobility products by blending subculture, urban sports and alternative lifestyle, TOZZ was founded in 2021 based in Istanbul. While the e-mobility market consists of lots of “similar” designed products, TOZZ is here to share the missing ingredients with the ones that never feel mainstream, never bear with mediocracy.

Intelligent design with minimum complexity combined with sustainable production and automotive grade quality results with distinguished fun machines.

Durable materials selection, limited amount of special tools and parts creates the long-lasting products.

Sustainable by nature!

meet the team

Emre Kuvvetli

Co-Founder, Head of Design

Burak Kazar

Co-Founder, Managing Director

naturally sustainable

We are not here to solve global warming, yet we contribute to the joint efforts against global warming by focusing on what we excel at: building long-lasting, sustainable, and timeless electric two-wheelers.

How we are going to do this is not a secret: thoughtful design and development.

  • Stainless Steel prolongs the life and eliminate the need for a special surface treatment, which typically involves the use of hazardous chemicals. 
  • Limited use of specifically designed components helps to save excess energy and wastes created during all the milling, drilling, and production processes.
  • The perfect balance between high-quality off-the-shelf products and unique design allows the users to maintain and upgrade their electric kick bike by using standard, off-the-shelf e-bike components in the local e-bike stores. 

global presence